Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Evil Dead: A Review

Hello, today I'm reviewing Evil Dead. This movie is about 5 teenagers who end up in a forest haunted with zombies after accidentally playing a tape recording that brings back the dead. This movie only has 5 characters and 1 setting and it was pretty low budget. Sadly the Zombies weren't as scary as i thought they'd be. The acting was good especially at the end. The last half hour has almost no dialog what so ever, it's all acting. Also the shaky camera moving through the house effect was cool. Scary-scale: 3.2. This movie didn't scare me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grizzly Man: A Review

  Hello there, today I'm reviewing Grizzly Man. A movie about Timothy Treadwell, a person who camped in the Alaskan wilderness every summer for 10 years, studying grizzly bears and living with them. Then he got mauled to death by one. This is a biographical documentary by Verner Herzog. A large percentage of it is made up of footage that Timothy Treadwell shot for a documentary about grizzlies that never got made. Instead,  it got put into a documentary about him. In my opinion, he was a little insane. He tried to connect with nature just a little too much. But, it was a great movie.