Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thoughts on the New-ish Series, MARVEL CIVIL WAR.

               Hello there, today I'm reviewing Marvel Civil War. The Marvel Civil War is a series of graphic novels documenting the lives of some famous and not-so-famous superheroes...and villains. The whole idea of this series is based of the real Civil War, hence the name. The idea I'm talking about is friends turning on other friends, etc. For instance, Captain America and Iron Man have a long fight because they are on different sides of the Civil War. That is not the only example. Throughout the series Deadpool turns on Cable, and Spiderman has a humungous fight with Titanium Man. There is something in the Marvel universe called the Superhero Registration Act which is a law that forces superheroes to give all their secret info to the government.  This starts a large civil war in the superhero community. Some people do want to register and some don't. This series' concept is cool and the writing is superb. Many of the books were written by modern comic revolutionary Brian Michael Bendis who is one of my favorites. Inside each Civil War book you'll find mini-stories that are sometimes tie-ins, meaning they appeared in other comics first. All in all, these books are one of the best modern series marvel has cranked out yet.