Monday, September 5, 2011

Namor vs. Aquaman.


Hello there, today I've decided to replace superhero of the day with superhero battle of the day. I'll take 2 superheroes, or villains, and have them battle. This idea is strongly influenced by the show Deadliest Warrior, which I am a fan of. This has happened before in Marvel vs DC: The Comic. Today I am going to be battling Namor and Aquaman.
                      Namor is a half atlantean, half human. He has the mutant power to fly and because of his human side he can breathe air, and because of his atlantean side he can breathe water. He is relatively stronger than humans and can swim way better than any human can. He carries a large sea trident as well.

                       Aquaman is a human. His mother died when he was a baby. His father devloped a home under the sea and taught young Aquaman how to breathe underwater. He later taught himself how to speak to fish and other marine life. After that due to nuclear radiation he developed a disadvantage: he had to be in water at least once an hour.

                      They are both equally skilled at swimming. Aquaman is slightly stronger. Namor can fly and has a trident.
Aquaman has to be in water at least once an hour, Namor doesn't. If the battle between the two were on land, Namor would win. If the battle were in water Aquaman would win.


If you don't agree, leave a comment down below. If you have suggestions leave a comment down below.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Superhero of the Day: Superman

                    Hello there, today I will be talking about superman, one of the most iconic superheroes ever. He is one of DC's biggest accomplishments, next to Batman. Superman has all the ideal powers, powers that marvel sort of of stole from them. For instance superman has laser vision, so does cyclops. But whatever they're both cool. Also superman has super strength, the ability to fly, x-ray vision, and is impervious to pain. I give superman a 8.2/10, because he has all the essential powers.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Superhero of the day: Iron Man


                             Hello there, today the superhero of the day is Iron man. One of the most famous superheroes ever, Iron Man is  really Tony Stark, an alcoholic industrialist who got rich of off his fathers company Stark Industries. Iron man's suit enables him to fly, shoot heat and laser beams, and pack a metallic punch. Iron Man went through a few phases. When he was first shown to the public he looked like the picture to the right. This superhero gets and 8.5/10.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Superhero of the Day: Spiderman.

                 Hello there, sorry I haven't been posting stuff as much lately. I had to go back to school. Replacing State of the Day I have Superhero of the Day.

Spiderman's secret identity is Peter Parker. Peter Parker gets bitten by a mutant spider and strange things happen. He is resistant to pain, he has super strength, and he can stick to walls. Thinking this was an chance to make money he performed on television and was a short lived pro boxer. One day after a match a masked robber ran down the hall, with a chance to stop him Peter did nothing. The same robber went on to kill his uncle Ben. Determined for revenge he built himself a pair of web shooters and went out fighting crime and looking for the robber. In 2002 they made a Spiderman movie.
           The movie was very good just not correct on some of the things that happened. This superhero gets an 8.7/10.