Thursday, December 30, 2010

state of the day: New Mexico

New Mexico
"Land of Enchantment"
Fact: New Mexico was given it's name by 16th century spaniards in Mexico.
Capital: Santa Fe
Size: 121,598 sq. mi.
Population: 1,855,059
Statehood:January 6, 1912 47th state.
Motto: "It grows as it goes."
Tree: Nut Pine
Bird: Roadrunner
Flower: Yucca
Song: "O fairNew Mexico" by Elizabeth Garrett
HC Punk Band: Jerry's Kidz.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971): A Review

Hi, this is Diamonds Are Forever a review. This movie wasn't as good as the Lazenby one. It was much easier to sit through not being eight hours long but for some reason I didn't like it as much. Though Sean Connery is back and it's 1971 (great year) it didn't seem as good. It might've been I was bored of the regular Bond story line and liked the Lazenby film's story line better. I don't know any way it was average. Taking place mostly in Vegas much less gambling happened than I suspected. Also if you're a big bond fan you know of the Blofeld trilogy (Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, and On Her Majesty's Secret service.) A , in Thunderball you only see his pants, and B blofeld is also in this one. He comes with hair though. There are also some cool gadgets like, suction gloves,and a voice changer, and a cool car chase in which bond 2 wheel drives through a walkway.So pretty much throughout the movie Bond is tracking these Diamonds, hence the name and two bad guys who work for Blofeld are killing people with the diamonds all, well rockin' the bell bottoms.

Action factor:
There were 2 car chases
He went to one Vegas
There he met 1 blofeld
With 1 head of Hair.
(Note: For all bond movies made from 1970-1979 I'm gonna have a bell bottom factor.
Bell Bottom Factor:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Classic Record Reviews: Master of Puppets

Hello, this is Classic Record Reviews: Master of Puppets. This is no album for wimps. This is a great album. My favorite part of this is the lyrics " the weak are ripped and torn away..." That's awesome. What makes it awesome is how James Hetfield sings it. It is also about batteries. Interesting... The subject of drug corruption runs deep in " Master of Puppets." It is an interesting topic as well as batteries. This album is the bridge between "light" death metal and heavy metal. Not having grumbly mumbling singing but the music in a death metal way. I'd been informed that " the thing that should not be" was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft like other songs. This album was good , but some of the music was not to my liking all of the singing was good though. The end.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969): A Review

Hello, this is On Her Majesty's Secret Service a review. I'm going to make this review just as long as movie was. Yes, it was long. This movie like the others had an action filled beginning. It took about 20 minutes for me to get used to George Lazenby, but I still liked it. He pretty much gets captured in a clinic in the Swiss alps, and a winter sports theme comes into play. You see curling, ice skating, skiing, and even a bobsled fight. This movie has lots of action but no killing until about halfway in the movie. This movie has a psychedelic twist as well with weird voice overs. This is also the last in the Blofeld trilogy. So some people might say it's horrible, but I think it was very good. I think it had the right kill/make out ratio.

He gets married but his wife dies.

Action Stats:
Bond killed 4 people.
He made out 4 times.
There were 5 explosions( all in finale fight.)
There was one car chase.
There was one ski chase.
There was one bobsled chase.
There was one Telly Savalas ( playing Blofield, not Donald Pleasance)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Only Live Twice (1967): A Review

Hi, this is You Only Live Twice a review. This movie starts out with a scene in space. As you may have known this movie takes place in Japan. This is also a some racism, like the fact that he becomes "Japanese," meaning he looks like it, and he's a ninja. Yes, this movie has lots of ninjas and stuff. His gadgets were cool, including rocket firing rifles, sub-machine guns, and an awesome helicopter. This Bond gets points off for being the most racist and at parts almost putting me to sleep or was that the fact that I was tired from watching Thunderball too.

Action Facts:

He kills 21 people.
He makes out 5 times.
There were 90 bajillion explosions.
There was 1 Car chase.
There was 1 Donald Pleasence.

Thunderball(1965) a review.

Hello, this is Thunderball, a review. This movie starts, like most other James Bond films, with an action filled beginning; a fight where he kills a man dressed as a lady. This film contains the first appearance of a jet-pack in a Bond film, and a use of a high powered water cannon on the Austin Martin. Also, if you don't like water don't watch this. Taking place on beautiful Nassau, there's lot's of water, so use it all, and that's what they did. This was a try and fail and try again mission, with lots of swimming here, and going there, and lots of sharks. At the end you get a big underwater fight. So over all it was not my favorite Bond but it was okay.

Action Facts:

He killed 15 guys.
He made out 4 times (once by force)
1 creepy dude with an eyepatch.