Saturday, August 28, 2010

Band of the Week: Angel Witch

This time's band of the week is Angel Witch, an underrated metal band from London, the metal nation that was the father of two other extremely awesome bands, Motorhead and Iron Maiden. They were also New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Their smooth. straightforward, and simple songs are one of the keys to their greatness, making it easy to know what the song is about. and if it's good. which it mostly is. Their songs are pointed toward mythical beings and places, and even if you aren't fond of their lyrics you'll get caught on with the many catchy riffs and solos. This cool band started in 1978, their first record though was in 1980, the same year Reagan ruined the united states and his footprint has stayed ever since. Anyway overall, "You're an Angel Witch, You're an Angel Witch."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Interview With Eric Zero

This is an interview with San Francisco skateboarder Eric Zero. I know him well so I interviewed him.

Crud Wizard: Hello, this is an interview with Eric Zero local San Francisco skateboarder.
Crud Wizard: How long have you been skateboarding?

Eric: I started skating when I was 6 years old and now I'm 46 ,so for about 40 years.

Crud Wizard: Do you know what your blood type is?

Eric: My blood type is A. It's A negative.

Crud Wizard: What's your biggest challenge ever?

Eric: I think the biggest challenge anyone can have is integrity. Setting rules in life some goals and beliefs and sticking to them. that's the biggest challenge.

Crud Wizard: Where did you grow up?

Eric: I'm a San Francisco native and I grew up in district 5, Haight Ashbury and I started skateboarding right here in the panhandle.

Crud Wizard: Eric went to the same school as me, but back then it was called Andrew Jackson now it's called New Traditions.

Crud Wizard: what is the hardest thing you'd ever done that had to do with skateboarding?

Eric: The first contest I've ever entered when I joined the marines back in 1982 and I entered a pro-amatuer contest and took 7th against the pros in flatland.

Crud Wizard: Was it a marines sponsored thing?

Eric: No it was actually sponsored by the Del Mar Skatepark.

Crud Wizard: What do you think my wrapping up question should be?

Eric: Have as much fun as you can.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alamo Square Deli

Today I'm going to review Alamo Square Deli. It's were I get all my sandwiches. They have the best ones. It is near Alamo Square park S.F, near where I live. They also sell groceries and other foods. This is the front of their store. 

This is their sign. They do make a mean sandwich witch by the way is an inanimate object as you may not know. 

This is the inside of the store. I call it the garage market 'cause it looks like a garage. The food is that kind of food where you see them making it you're so happy that it's almost done and you can eat it.
One of their signature sandwiches is the west coast style Zibbity Bop. I've never had it but it looks mouth wateringly goooooooooddd.

And last but not least is the Dio. Spicy. Spicy. Spicy. Over all this is the best sandwich place ever in the history of everness everly ever! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

State of the Day: Montana

 Montana (MT)
"The Treasure State"
Fact: Montana was chosen from a Latin dictionary by J. M. Ashley. It is a latinized Spanish word meaning "mountainous"
Capital: Helena
Size: 147,046 Sq. Mi.
Population: 909,453
Statehood: November 8, 1889, 41st state
Motto: "Gold and Silver"
Tree: Ponderosa Pine 
Bird: Western Meadowlark
Flower: Bitterroot
Song: "Montana" by Charles C. Cohen, music by Joseph E. Howard
Hardcore Band: Deranged Diction

Classic Record Reviews: Reign In Blood

This classic record review is Reign in Blood by Slayer. A reason I like this album is because it isn't one of those albums where you have to trot through 20 minute instrumentals with the same riff through the whole record. It is a fast paced guitar solo-filled speed album. Using this style they get through 20 minutes of awesome material in 4 minutes. Although at times it is just so fast and complicated you can't follow it. But besides that, it is a great album. The sound of it is so chaotic, that it just stuns you a makes you say, "I like this. I want to hear more!" Their music makes me think of a boat on rough seas, and that boat has me on it. The reason I say that, is the riffs give you a sort of up and down feeling. If you think about it too much you might get nauseous. Even with that, it it is still a 4 star record. Some words I found in every songs lyrics were "flesh," "death," and "blood" which makes me think their songs are about somebody ripping apart somebody's flesh and blood to death. Lastly the cover art, it reminds me of both a Picasso painting and a wood carving of people worshipping a goat. With that weird cover art and awesome solos and vocals Reign in Blood is a great record that I hope you all own.  

Sunday, August 8, 2010

State of the Day: Missouri

Missouri (MO)
"The Show Me State"
Fact: Missouri is named after the Algonquin Indian tribe; it means "town of the large canoes"
Capital: Jefferson City 
Size: 69,709 Sq. Mi.
Population: 5,672,579
Statehood: August 10, 1821, 24th state
Motto: Let the Welfare of the People be the Supreme Law"
Tree: Flowering Dogwood
Bird: Bluebird
Flower: White Hawthorn Blossom
Song: "Missouri Waltz" by J.R. Shannon
Hardcore Band: Blind Idiot God

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Bay Area: Pleasanton

Here is a new feature on Crud Wizard called "My Bay Area." I'm going to be going to a different place each time and talk about it with pictures and words. Today I went to Pleasanton. 

Above is me on the bus going to the train in which I will go to Pleasanton. It is a short bus ride, but you see many things, for instance I saw a drumming band and a bunch of guys dancing.

After the bus ride, I got on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit.) I saw the industrial part of Oakland and San Leandro. There were bursts of suburban areas where all the houses looked the same, and a lot of people had pools.

I arrived in pleasanton and I realized there was nothing there. In the picture you see me in front of the BART station parking lot.

Here I am right next to the Oracle building, I'm pretty sure they make...something. It was really hot in Pleasanton.

Then I ended up on world famous Hacienda Drive which is famous for nothing. 

Then I realized this was like looking for gold in a toilet because there was no place to eat or do anything fun. Until... I discovered a shopping center, whoa.

That shopping center had a taqueria in it where I ate food and the taqueria happened to be a another franchise of a taqueria I really like in San Fransisco called Balazo. I had a burrito, a good burrito.

This here is a prime example of ancient Pleasantonian architecture.

As you can see here Walmart is another one of my hatreds along with Reagan and Hippies. I hate Walmart because it is a giant corporation slowly devouring small towns like Pleasanton where fat americans shop for toilet paper and Twix Bars!

Here's where I was on my adventure to Pleasanton on a BART map.

Home at last after a long day of being in a rural suburb I came home to the big city of San Francisco. I liked Pleasanton but I don't wan't to go back, hoped you liked my adventure.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Band of the Week: Motörhead

Hi, this week's band is Motorhead. Originating from London, they technically count as one of the most popular New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands, along with Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. The name Motorhead is a word for speed freak. The reason I like Motorhead is because they have the flowing guitars that Thin Lizzy does and the bass lines and rhythm of Judas Priest, with a little of their own special style. Their music makes me think of a big muscular guy walking down a street, throwing cars and smashing street posts. Motorhead reigns supreme.

Monday, August 2, 2010

State of the Day: Mississippi

Mississippi (MS)
"The Magnolia State"
Fact: Miississippi comes from an Indian word meaning "Father of waters"
Capital: Jackson
Size: 48,286 sq. mi.
Population: 2,871,782
Statehood: December 10th 1817, 20th State
Motto:"By Valor and Arms"
Tree: Magnolia
Bird: Mockingbird
Flower: Magnolia Blossom
Song: "Go Mississippi"
'80s Hardcore Band: The Windbreakers

Despicable Me Review

I recently saw Despicable Me. It was a very interesting movie, with multiple conflicts, but instead of the idea of good vs. evil, was evil vs. eviler. The concept was good also. The multiple conflicts thing made the movie more complex and in places the conflicts tie together. It is, in ways, similar to lots of other kids movies, like Shrek or Up, with the theme of somebody who has to get used to someone he's not really fond of. In many ways it's different from other kids movies. So overall this was the best movie I saw this summer. You should see it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

State of the Day: Minnesota

Minnesota (MN)
"The Land of 10,000 Lakes"
Fact: Minnesota comes from a Dakota Sioux Indian word meaning" sky-tinted water"
Capital: Saint Paul
Size: 86,943 sq. mi.
Population: 5,019,172
Statehood: May 11, 1858,32nd state.
Motto:"Star of the north"
Tree: Red (Norway) Pine
Bird: Common Loon
Flower: Lady Slipper
Song: "Hail Minnesota"
'80s Hardcore Band: Final Conflict

Classic Record Reviews: Don't Break the Oath

Today's classic record is "Don't Break The Oath" by Mercyful Fate. This is a very metal record, put out in 1984, when a lot of metal was going on. As you may know, Mercyful Fate were from Denmark. What makes this record so awesome, in my opinion, is King Diamond. Even though he's on every record by Mercyful Fate, his performance is top notch on this one. King Diamond has a very distinct voice, like that of a possessed pixie. I've found that a large amount of their lyrics are about sacred stuff, like oaths and seances. Based on the lyrics, I think they were interested in creepy and mysteriously evil content. The music is plainly metal, played well to make it sound much more complicated than it is. Sometimes it makes me picture someone doing a pole vault, and sometimes it makes me think of ninjas. The cover art, I'm guessing, is somebody hell-related like Satan pointing and saying " Don't break the oath or I will eat you, weakling." If you do not own this album you're totally missing out on some awesome music.