Saturday, September 25, 2010

State of the day: New Jersey

New Jersey (NJ)
"The Garden State"
Fact: New Jersey was named for the english channel isle of Jersey.
Capital: Trenton
Size: 8,215 SQ. MI
Population: 8,590,300
Statehood: December 18,1787, 3rd state.
Motto:" Liberty and Prosperity"
Tree: Red Oak
Bird: American Goldfinch
Flower: Violet
Song: N/A
Hardcore Band: Adrenalin OD

Friday, September 24, 2010

State of the day: New Hampshire

New Hampshire (NH)
"The Granite State"
Fact: New Hampshire comes from the english county of Hampshire.
Capital: Concord
Size: 9,283
Population: 1,275,056
Statehood: June 21, 1788, 9th state
Motto:"Live Free or Die"
Tree: White Birch
Bird: Purple Finch
Flower: Purple Lilac
Song: "Old New Hampshire" by Jhon F. Holmes.
HC 80's Punk Band:
The Scam.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr. No (1962): A Review

Hello, I recently got into Bond and this is the first 007 review. Dr. No was made in 1962, when the peak of technology was primitive by our day's standards. The early Bond movies aren't as stunt driven and action filled as the recent ones, but he does get in some thrilling car pursuits and fist fights. I'd say this was Connery's peak...almost. This movie was probably one of the coolest movies set in Jamaica I've ever seen. The gunfire is pretty primitive and the bombs are obviously fake but come on it's the early 60's, it's what you get. Pretty much it goes like this: Bond is on a mission to find some minerals but some deranged idiot catches him and tries to kill him. So over all it was good. The name's Bond...James Bond. Keep on waiting for my review of From Russia With Love.

Action Factor:

He kills 1 person and 1 car.
3 fist fights.
3 explosions.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Classic Record Reviews: Slowly We Rot

Hello this is a classic record review: Obituary Slowly We Rot. This record is to a lot of people generic death metal. Fast, simple, and continuous riffs, and to back up the riffs is some difficult mechanic drumming. Judging by the song titles, they would be happy to see a worm's guts squeezed out by force, because they would have another interesting song, like the others about bleeding, and hell, and suffocating, and worms getting throttled to death. The cover art is my favorite part, that's pretty awesome, a guy lying on the pavement dead. The music kind of clears all thought from the person listening, and makes them think of somebody stabbing someone who is already dying, to make it so they don't suffer. It's like a good thing, but a bigger bad thing.

State of the Day: Nevada

 Nevada (NV)
"The Silver State"
Fact: Nevada was given it's name by Spanish explorers. It is the spanish word meaning "snowcapped" referring to the Sierra Nevada.
Capital: Carson City
Size: 110,567 Sq. Mi.
Population: 2,173,491
Statehood: October 31,1864,36th state
Motto: "All for our Country"
Tree: Single Leaf Pinon
Bird: Mountain Bluebird
Flower: Sagebrush
Song: "Home means Nevada" 
Hardcore Band: 7 Seconds

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Bay Area: Pittsburg

It all starts with me at the BART station waiting for the train to take me on my odyssey to Pittsburg which is many fathoms away.( A long ride.)

Then still waiting, what the...? It's a pay phone! Those are still around? I thought they were extinct, hit by the meteor of "Modern Technology." Well I guess they're only in train stations from 1970.

Here is the long BART ride all the way east and north and east and north and boom Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill,and Concord. After going through a series of multiple ugly large glass buildings I'm here...finally...ughhh.

Hey, who turned up the heat about 40 degrees? Where is the stuff ? It vanished. Pittsburg is a twentieth of what I thought it would be, maybe a thirtieth.

I found stuff. Cool, a Safeway Food and Drug, the second one sounds more appetizing. A plate of steaming hot drugs? Is crystal meth worse than regular meth?

Instead of a meth entree, it's Mexican. Mmmm salsa, salsa,sal--can't talk eating.SALSA.

Also I enjoyed a Mojado Burrito. Three words: awesome, authentic, cuisine. And out of anywhere in the world Pittsburg.

Barf after eating too much caesar salad or a Round Table Pizza? You decide, I'm for choice A.

Now in the name of Maiden,"Run to the Hills." There are plenty out here like the one shown.

There I was, way out there, near the Sacramento River. Far...

Home again. I had been out for 6 hours and I was tired. Now that was what happened in Pittsburg.