Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jhon Carpenter's: The Thing: A Review

Hello there, I'm Reviewing Jhon Carpenter's The Thing. This is actually the remake of the movie The Thing From Another World made in the 50s. This movie was the first horror movie I saw where it wasn't scary it was just gross. Just to show you how gross here is a picture of "The Thing." As you may know they remade The Thing for a third time and it is supposed to be in theaters soon, or it might have already come out. Anyway the thing is about this arctic research team. When a helicopter from Norway comes a weird gross monster starts taking over the bodies of Dogs and Crewmembers and it all comes down to a final blood test and a flamethrower. Scary-Scale: 1.0. Gross-Gauge: 10.0!!!!  


  1. the best part is when that little dog runs up to the guy ,and it has a human face,and it talks! Crazy ,man. - Vomit Magician

  2. The soundtrack is crazy good. I think it's one of my favorites. Can your ratings include a soundtrack score? -BB

  3. that's was amazing movie and that's my favourite one.