Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Bay Area: Fremont

Hello, people. You are about to venture to an exotic land, with stunning architecture, a beautiful downtown area, greeting and grinning residents, (all 213,000 of them) and nice cobblestone streets. My Journey started at the BART station going to Fremont.

As I got on bart I witnessed "the main controls." And the train started.

Then, I get going on the train. If you'll see, Fremont is pretty close to San Jose so it was a long ride.

Finally, I got there and there was nothing (duh.) There weren't even houses just every few blocks, an office or something. Also, This artifact of Fremontian architecture greatly resembles that of Pleasantonian and Pittsburgite architecture.
I then found a shopping mall with so much Indian Food I had to choose from Dosa Hut or Masala Grill, I chose Masala Grill.
I also found an Indian movie theater. Let's go see this Viput Amrutial Shaw film "Action Replayy."

It seems that there are hills in every one of these places, weird.

And to prove that was Fremont, there's the station sign.
And I'm finally on the way home. It went like it did the way there.
That's where I was, pretty far. That bridge in the bottom left is the Dumbarton. And the camera ran out of batteries but I did still make it home and in San Francisco it was thundering and lightninging too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I Did On Market Today

Hello, this is a post about what I did on Market street today.Sort of a tour. The first thing I saw was a boarded up building. You'll see a lot of those in Mid Market around 7th, 8th, and 9th streets.After the array of abandoned buildings at around 6th the Market Street Cinema. I shall not discuss more for the contents is not suitable for children (X-rated.)
You thought the boarded up buildings were over, noooo. Hollywood billiards is long gone, by the way cool mural.
Also this sports store, gone. I've been there too. I don't know why they didn't survive?
Then I finally got to the San Francisco Center between 5th and 4th street. This is me walking inside it.
Then we got to the sit-lie lunch. I ate four fish tacos from the Rubio's in the food court. Then after my dad talked with the other people at the lunch.
Then here's Jeffery's Toys and Comics, between 3rd and 4th street. They're known for their selection of great toys comics and other cool stuff.
This is an odd store called My Dutch Bike were all there bikes are made in Holland, and they're weird.
This is a view laying down from a steel labrynth-like walkway.
This is one of the old F market street cars. This one was made in Los Angeles, it was one of the few things made in Los Angeles.

Then I finally got to the ferry building, the end now it's time to head back. Also I saw some people doing parcour. Parcour is like street skating but without the board.\
Then once I got to about 4th street on the other side of the street was the virgin megastore or megaclosed as I should say, ha, ha, oh that's not funny
Well the only words on that sign I can see are Jesus, Hell, Sin, and Sex. They sure don't go together. And here's a random guy playing guitar without pants. I bought a guitar but not pants.
Then finally got back close enough to home at where the people play chess. That's what I did on Market street today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shaolin Soccer: A Review

Hello, this is Shaolin Soccer: A Review. Well, the first thing I'd like to say is that this is the best foreign movie I've ever seen. Stephen Chow is completely mad, so that means a good movie. As much as I hate sports, I love this movie. Pretty much there's a dude who assembles a soccer team but weird thing is, is that the team is made up of his shaolin brothers, then they try to fight the evil team. They are evil. They're booted up with... something, . You'll have to watch to see if they beat the evil team, also most of them get severely wounded... cool! It's one funny movie also remember: if you wanna kick butt in soccer, learn kung fu and don't take drugs. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Classic Record Reviews: The Adolescents

Hello, this is a review of Adolescents by the Adolescents. Like a lot of punk, it goes full force in a short time, but when you hear the first riff you know it's gonna be a good song. The first song is like bait, not so strong, but when you hear "Who is Who" you're probably traumatized. In some songs they have slow and awkward parts, and riffs and sounds that you probably haven't heard in a punk song. When I listen to this album it reminds me of when you're hanging out with a friend, it is awesome, but goes quick, or taking a pill you get it over with pretty quick, but the difference is that pills suck and the Adolescents don't. I think that the Adolescents are my favorite punk band. I used to think it was Black Flag, but I've changed my mind after listening to "Amoeba" eight bajillion times I've thought otherwise. That is what I think of this record.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Goldfinger (1964): A review

Hello, this is Goldfinger, a review. This amazing movie starts in Miami Beach, where Mr. Bond, of course, makes out a lot. This is the first Bond film I've seen yet that actually has one extremely clear villain...Goldfinger, a fat, evil, European guy. That change may be due to the change of directors from Terence Young to Guy Hamilton. If you're James Bond you can be cool anywhere from Miami Beach to Fort Knox. Goldfinger also tries to break into the biggest bank (in 1964) in America. Will he succeed or not? I'm not telling you. In the end Bond makes out with gorgeous looking, wierdly named, Pussy Galore. Is she bad or good? Until next time Goldfingeeeeeerrrr. 

James Bond killed 6 people.
He made out with 7 ladies.
He made out with 2 ladies he didn't know.
He got in 2 car chases.
He beat 1 fat guy in golf.
He got 1 cool car.
He used all of its features.