Friday, June 24, 2011

For Your Eyes Only: A Review

Hello, this is a review of For Your Eyes Only. It was definitely better than Moonraker. A Greek with the ATAC, a british device gets blown up by a bomb launched by a Greek heroin smuggler. It is bonds job to find the smuggler and retrieve the ATAC. The smuggler does get killed, by another Greek smuggler of cashews who throws a knife at him. Bond gets a hold of the ATAC but throws it into the water… This movie reminded me a little of From Russia With Love with the whole” Bond has to get  a hold of a certain item." Overall I give this one 8.6.

Army of Darkness: A Review.

Hello there, today I'm reviewing Army of Darkness. Honestly I think Sam Raimi is a bit crackers.  This was like watching a cartoon set in the middle ages! There was only like one zombie though, but there were other things like a badass evil guy and his army(of darkness.) Pretty much Ash opens the ripple of time and goes back to the middle ages to help fight in a war against an evil force and get back home into his own time. I think Evil Dead1&2 were better but this one was still good. I give it a 7.4.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2: A Review

Hello, I am going to review Paranormal Activity.  This movie was scary! It was as scary as Paranormal Activity. It was actually a prequel as they explain at the end because the end is the beginning of number 1. The demon does some new stuff like levitating a baby, abducting a dog, and slamming all the doors and cupboards at the same time. It also does some old stuff like dragging somebody down the stairs, and closing doors. It is a bit slower than paranormal activity 1 but I think for a reason. The first few days nothing happens. Overall I give this movie a 7.9.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn: A Review

Hello, today I'm reviewing Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. This movie was pretty much the same as Evil Dead but with better special effects. Pretty much ash and his girlfriend stay in the same cabin ash's friends died in, the haunted one...kind of a stupid move... His girlfriend dies and he has to open the rift of time with the Necronomicon and send the zombies into time & space. This movie had a lot of action and ash loses his hand... This movie was about an 8.0.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coraline: A Review

Hello, today I'm reviewing Coraline. This movie is based off the book by Neil Gaiman. This movie was done with stop motion which is where you have something and you move it a little, then take a picture, then move it a little...The movie is about Coraline moving in to a new house and finding a door. The door leads to  another world where everything's better. The other mother of Coraline: The evil mother says you can stay here as long as you like as long as I sew buttons in your eyes. Coraline later learns it's a trap. The other mother gets more and more disgusting throughout the movie. This movie gets an 8.4.

Note: Other stop motion films include:
King Kong (I930s)
20 Million Miles to Earth
Wallace and Grommit
The Night Before Christmas
The Beast from 20000 Fathoms
When the Earth Cracked Open
One Million Years B.C
The Lost City
Jason and the Argonauts
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moonraker: A Review

Hello, this is a review of Moonraker. It was probably the worst of all the Roger Moore movies I’ve seen.  It was still good but not what I expected. The title got me thinking  a. it’s going to take place mostly on the moon or at least in space.
They did go in space but it was at the end. A really cool thing though was the laser fight and James Bond’s wrist dart shooter. Jaws dies in this one too.  Overall I give this one a 7.2. 

Paranormal Activity: A Review

Hello there, today I'm reviewing Paranormal Activity. This movie is the first movie that scared me...a lot! This movie as you might see from the picture won the "Scariest Movie" prize at the screamfest. It basically is this couple, Katie and Micah in there house with a videocamera trying to find evidence that this "demon" is haunting Katie. During the night mysterious things happen like doors moving by themselves, footprints, foot step sounds, banging, swinging chandeliers, lights going on and off, mysterious pictures, bedsheets moving, and weird periods of katie just standing there for 2 hours straight. It was very realistic. I think this movie would count as a mockumentary. I thought it was real.

P.S. If you want to scare somebody... find somebody you live with and tell them ghosts are haunting our house. Then when the person isn't looking tie 4-5 strings to the door in your house in the room the other person is in. Then pull the strings. Depending on where you are it will either slam the door or pull it open.
P.P.S. Check out the poll: What is your favorite Iron Maiden Album.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Nightmare on Elm Street: a Review.

Hello there, I'm Reviewing A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is the one from 1984 not the remake. This movie was actually a little scarier than the shining. It still didn't scare me though. Freddy Krougar is pretty bad-ass though. I liked the whole he can only kill in your sleep, but it really happens. The multiple times when Freddy Krougar is chasing somebody in there dream and then it shows a shot of them squirming in bed. Then cuts magically appear. There are some pretty awesome special effects as well. Scary-Scale: 4.1.

P.S: I didn't have nightmares...
NOTE: If you live with someone else in your house or multiple, ( even better), that are familiar with this movie this is a funny trick. Grab a pair of big scissors or fabric scissors and cut four little holes in a shirt that you don't need anymore. Put the shirt on and in the places were your skin is exposed and put fake blood in the holes, if it drips don't worry that's more realistic. Also if you don't have fake blood just lying around you can buy it here:
Also if you want to do it the fun way here is a link to a recipe for fake blood:

Jhon Carpenter's: The Thing: A Review

Hello there, I'm Reviewing Jhon Carpenter's The Thing. This is actually the remake of the movie The Thing From Another World made in the 50s. This movie was the first horror movie I saw where it wasn't scary it was just gross. Just to show you how gross here is a picture of "The Thing." As you may know they remade The Thing for a third time and it is supposed to be in theaters soon, or it might have already come out. Anyway the thing is about this arctic research team. When a helicopter from Norway comes a weird gross monster starts taking over the bodies of Dogs and Crewmembers and it all comes down to a final blood test and a flamethrower. Scary-Scale: 1.0. Gross-Gauge: 10.0!!!!  

The Shining: A Review

Hello there, today I'm reviewing The Shining. From a few people I've heard "this is the scariest movie I've ever seen." It was the scariest movie I've ever seen, yet it wasn't scary. The chase in the hedge maze was pretty awesome though. And the elevator with the geyser of blood. It was an extremely well acted movie, showing how he gradually went crazy, and the writing of the same phrase over and over again was pretty weird. And the kid was probably the best child actor I've ever seen. I'm gonna start walking around with a knife yelling "REDRUM." Anyway on the Scary-Scale I give it a 4.0. This movie didn't really scare me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Spy Who Loved Me: A Review

Hello, this is  a review of The Spy who Loved Me. This was a good movie. In my opinion not as good as Live an Let Die  or The Man with the Golden gun. It was the first James Bond movie to feature Richard Kiel as menacing Jaws. James Bond has to foil the villains plan of launching nuclear missiles at various large cities. He does and destroys his “Atlantis”, an underwater base, all well getting away in a comfortable escape pod with the spy who loved him, Agent XXX or triple x. Overall I give this one an 8.5.