Monday, November 1, 2010

Goldfinger (1964): A review

Hello, this is Goldfinger, a review. This amazing movie starts in Miami Beach, where Mr. Bond, of course, makes out a lot. This is the first Bond film I've seen yet that actually has one extremely clear villain...Goldfinger, a fat, evil, European guy. That change may be due to the change of directors from Terence Young to Guy Hamilton. If you're James Bond you can be cool anywhere from Miami Beach to Fort Knox. Goldfinger also tries to break into the biggest bank (in 1964) in America. Will he succeed or not? I'm not telling you. In the end Bond makes out with gorgeous looking, wierdly named, Pussy Galore. Is she bad or good? Until next time Goldfingeeeeeerrrr. 

James Bond killed 6 people.
He made out with 7 ladies.
He made out with 2 ladies he didn't know.
He got in 2 car chases.
He beat 1 fat guy in golf.
He got 1 cool car.
He used all of its features.



  1. Eccentric villains are what make the Bond series great. I'm surprised you didn't mention Oddjob, though. His blade-hat is nothing short of badass.

  2. Oh man, these reviews really makes me want to rewatch the movies! Stay double-o ;)

  3. I love James Bond, Live and Let Die is my favorite. The breakdown at the end of the review is great.