Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr. No (1962): A Review

Hello, I recently got into Bond and this is the first 007 review. Dr. No was made in 1962, when the peak of technology was primitive by our day's standards. The early Bond movies aren't as stunt driven and action filled as the recent ones, but he does get in some thrilling car pursuits and fist fights. I'd say this was Connery's peak...almost. This movie was probably one of the coolest movies set in Jamaica I've ever seen. The gunfire is pretty primitive and the bombs are obviously fake but come on it's the early 60's, it's what you get. Pretty much it goes like this: Bond is on a mission to find some minerals but some deranged idiot catches him and tries to kill him. So over all it was good. The name's Bond...James Bond. Keep on waiting for my review of From Russia With Love.

Action Factor:

He kills 1 person and 1 car.
3 fist fights.
3 explosions.


  1. Wait till you see From Russia With Love, and Goldfinger, which is one of my faves! The soundtracks are pretty nifty, too :)

  2. I remember I was about your age when I got into James Bond. Of course, that was right in the heyday of the N64, so my interest was motivated by the Goldeneye video game.

    Anyways, keep posting, Ezra. You've got one of the most honest voices in blogging, and your writing is absolutely fantastic (especially considering your age). Keep doing this. You've got a future as a writer.