Sunday, October 17, 2010

Classic Record Reviews: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

 Hello, this is Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing a review. Discharge is kind of like the god of Hardcore, sort of generic hardcore but in a good way because they sort of revolutionized hardcore. These 30 second to a minute songs may have one verse then stop, but they get the idea out, and quick. For some people they don't get it, but for others its glass clear, no in between attitudes. The songs are pretty much about being mad about the government for having war and violent activity. The cover art pretty much explains the title: an ear, an eye, a mouth, but also, "hello cabbage face I will eat you now," yeah I don't get it either. They should've called it Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say nothing, Eat Nothing Healthy.


  1. Ezra, as you may know this is one of my favorite albums of all time. You are my favorite person of all time. I think I have read this post thirty times. Great work.

  2. great album, great review! i think cabbage face is a symbol for someone that doesn´t hear,see or say anything.

  3. Just have been listening to this in my car and even after all this years the sheer intensity is still exhausting. This record really marks a turning point in the history of extreme music: In the seventies rock music was supposed "to kick ass"; in the beginning of the eighties, with records like this the concept was changed to "it should crush your skull".
    I always thought cabbage face is a symbol for someone that doesn't think ...