Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Bay Area: Fremont

Hello, people. You are about to venture to an exotic land, with stunning architecture, a beautiful downtown area, greeting and grinning residents, (all 213,000 of them) and nice cobblestone streets. My Journey started at the BART station going to Fremont.

As I got on bart I witnessed "the main controls." And the train started.

Then, I get going on the train. If you'll see, Fremont is pretty close to San Jose so it was a long ride.

Finally, I got there and there was nothing (duh.) There weren't even houses just every few blocks, an office or something. Also, This artifact of Fremontian architecture greatly resembles that of Pleasantonian and Pittsburgite architecture.
I then found a shopping mall with so much Indian Food I had to choose from Dosa Hut or Masala Grill, I chose Masala Grill.
I also found an Indian movie theater. Let's go see this Viput Amrutial Shaw film "Action Replayy."

It seems that there are hills in every one of these places, weird.

And to prove that was Fremont, there's the station sign.
And I'm finally on the way home. It went like it did the way there.
That's where I was, pretty far. That bridge in the bottom left is the Dumbarton. And the camera ran out of batteries but I did still make it home and in San Francisco it was thundering and lightninging too.


  1. how was the indian food? i've always wanted to go to freemont to see a bollywood film because i heard they serve indian food in the movie theater. love, deedee

  2. I love reading your My Bay Area entries. I hope you do one on Cupertino soon! Maybe you'd run into Steve Jobs.

  3. what will you do when you run out of BART lines? caltrain to gilroy? or you could take golden gate transit out to sant rosa if you wanna be really bored...