Monday, January 17, 2011

Live and Let Die (1973): A Review

Hi, this is Live and Let Die A Review. For starters this is about one thing, three guys getting killed. One in Harlem, one in New Orleans, and one in San Marino. That brings in an interesting voodoo idea. This movies good, except for the first part with racist mentions of the Ku-Klux-Klan and James Bond racistly dissing some people. But if you forget about the racism the first part is great with a car chase, Bond knocking some guys out with a ladder, and a trapdoor in a bar. This is also the first Roger Moore and I'm trying not to like him as much as Connery but it's hard, he's good. The bad guy is Mr. Big he's the man that had the three agents killed, he sucks. But he's cool! Also at the end Bond has a boat chase and jumps a highway in the louisiana bayous. That was rated as the 3rd best stunt in James Bond history. That move wasn't liked by sheriff big southern cop guy (not real name, I forgot, I'll just say that.) Sheriff big southern cop guy is actually a returning character, so bye that's all I got.

Action Factor:
He killed 4 people
He made out 3 times
He got in 3 car chases
There were 7 explosions
There was one Yaphet Kotto
Bell bottom factor: 6 (At least one person per 2 scenes was wearing them.)

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