Thursday, September 1, 2011

Superhero of the Day: Spiderman.

                 Hello there, sorry I haven't been posting stuff as much lately. I had to go back to school. Replacing State of the Day I have Superhero of the Day.

Spiderman's secret identity is Peter Parker. Peter Parker gets bitten by a mutant spider and strange things happen. He is resistant to pain, he has super strength, and he can stick to walls. Thinking this was an chance to make money he performed on television and was a short lived pro boxer. One day after a match a masked robber ran down the hall, with a chance to stop him Peter did nothing. The same robber went on to kill his uncle Ben. Determined for revenge he built himself a pair of web shooters and went out fighting crime and looking for the robber. In 2002 they made a Spiderman movie.
           The movie was very good just not correct on some of the things that happened. This superhero gets an 8.7/10.


  1. Spider-Man is my favorite, to this day.

  2. Spiderman is so awesome, the Ramones did a song about him!