Friday, October 28, 2011

Middle School.

Hello there. Sorry I haven't been posting lately I have been caught up in my work at middle school. I've been in middle school for about 7 weeks now but never wanted to mention it. It is tough but worth it in some ways. There are way more projects and stuff like that. For those of you who have already gone to middle school leave a comment about what it was like. For those of you who haven't yet it's way more fun than I make it sound. Like you can actually choose what you want to do as an elective or special class. Above is some artwork I did in the past few months. I am open to constructive criticism. Also the "R" in in Rathmir is purposely backwards.


  1. I remember that I was pretty nervous when I was just about to start middle school but since you've been into it for a few weeks I'm guessing you're past that by now.

    I was pretty psyched that I didn't have to take gym and I could take a bunch of computer classes. Some of my old friends sort of drifted into different cliques but at the same time I made new better friends and also became closer with the older friends that stuck around.

    I remember being impressed with some of the older kids' musical skills and embarassed of my own and I remember one time my math teacher farted directly in my face and didn't apologize.

  2. my middle school experience sucked. especially when i threw up at my bat mitzvah. i hope yours goes better than mine.

    your old friend,

  3. Are you doing a whole Rathmir comic?

  4. I remeber middle school... we called it junior high back then. It's where I began my illustrious career as a slacker and juvinile delinquent. But I remeber being really stoked about being able to pick electives for the first time. I took art and History of the Western Hemisphere. Did a killer repoirt on The Viking Age and Dark Ages Scandinavian Cultures. I also met one of my closest, best brothers from another mother then. good times.