Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hallo there, welcome to an overview of the SFIFF Youth Media Mash-Up. There were about 10-12 short films featured on the program that I saw. There were mostly extremities. What I mean by that is there were really good films and utterly horrible films. I am only talking about a few of these.

First off, the first film of the program was a documentary about a circus school, specifically the sport of trapeze. It focuses mainly on one girl who goes to this circus school. This movie was a pretty good length and very precise and to the point.

The next film I'm talking about is one that I don't even classify as a film but as an ad for a vacation to Tahoe. This is the most simple film ever. It is a few seconds of stock footage of mountains, then some kid walks in frame for a few seconds. All this connected by cheap stock film burns. This film was about 20 seconds long and had no purpose whatsoever.

The last film I'm talking about was my favorite. It was an in-depth documentary about Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party. It features some key landmarks in the development of the party and struggle to preserve it. For example, the bullet-ridden residence of Huey P. Newton and the house where Little Bobby Hutton died. It was a brief history on something I didn't know was "just around the corner"

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