Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Room: A Review

Hello there, and I know what you're probably thinking- it's another review of the room, we've heard it a million times! Well, wait. First there's the obvious stuff, overuse of stock footage, plot holes, awful acting, bad camerawork, stuff that just doesn't make sense, and the fact the the many sex scenes in the movie are just different combinations of the same footage. I have a theory (remember just a theory) that maybe he planned it to be bad. All the actors and actresses are supposed to be bad and the joke's on us! Maybe, maybe not. I just think that no human could be stupid enough to actually make this movie without it being some kind of hoax.

Leave a comment. Do you think Wiseau is a Genius and has fooled us all, or is and idiot?

"This is a great party.You invited all my friends, good thinking!"

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  1. Wiseau is a Genius! Have you ever seen Tim and Eric? >