Friday, July 30, 2010

State of the Day: Massachusetts

Massachusetts (MA)
"The Bay State"
Fact: Masachusetts is named after the Masachusett tribe of Native Americans, meaning "at or about the great hill"
Capital: Boston
Size: 4,291 sq. mi.
Population: 6, 427, 801
Statehood: February 6th 1788     6th State
Motto: "By the swrd we seek peace, but only peace under liberty" 
Tree: American Elm
Bird: Black Capped Chickadee
Flower: Black Eyed Susan
Song: "All Hail to Masachusetts"
'80s Hardcore Band: Jerry's Kids


  1. Hey Ezra,

    How does the state of the day get chosen? Are they in random order? Can we make requests?

  2. State flower of Massachusetts is Trailing-Arbutus.

  3. a great state

    lots of great metal bands came from this area

    Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Acacia Strain

    everything about this state is full fledged metal

  4. I am impressed with your music tastes, Jerry's Kids "Is this my World?" is the best 80's hardcore record. Love this blog.