Saturday, July 31, 2010

State of the Day: Michigan

Michigan (MI)
"The Wolverine state"
Fact: Michigan comes from the Chippewa Indian words "Mica Gama" meaning " great or large lake" refering to Lake Michigan
Capital: Lansing
Size: 96,705 sq. mi.
Population: 10,050,446
Statehood: January 26, 1837, 26th state
Motto: "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you" 
Tree: White Pine
Bird: Robin
Flower: Apple Blossom
Song: "Michigan My Michigan"
'80s Hardcore Band: Negative Approach


  1. Ah, my homeland.

    It sucks. But lots of music to be proud of.

  2. thanks ezra- that's my state!!! love your blog- keep it up!

  3. If only the Crucifucks could be considered hardcore. Negative Approach rules, though! I saw them in Chicago in 2005. Hey, how do you upload a photo to this thing? I've tried umpteen jillion times.

  4. michigan's motto is kind of lame.

    i'm just sayin'.