Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thunderball(1965) a review.

Hello, this is Thunderball, a review. This movie starts, like most other James Bond films, with an action filled beginning; a fight where he kills a man dressed as a lady. This film contains the first appearance of a jet-pack in a Bond film, and a use of a high powered water cannon on the Austin Martin. Also, if you don't like water don't watch this. Taking place on beautiful Nassau, there's lot's of water, so use it all, and that's what they did. This was a try and fail and try again mission, with lots of swimming here, and going there, and lots of sharks. At the end you get a big underwater fight. So over all it was not my favorite Bond but it was okay.

Action Facts:

He killed 15 guys.
He made out 4 times (once by force)
1 creepy dude with an eyepatch.


  1. Awesome review... I personally dig Thunderball, but I think it was the 1st Bond flick I ever saw, so that's why. My favorite Connery one is whatever the groovy voodoo one is- I forget. Anyway- thanx for the continued awesomeness on Crud Wizard- PEACE!

  2. I want one of the black DISCO VOLANTE shirts.