Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Only Live Twice (1967): A Review

Hi, this is You Only Live Twice a review. This movie starts out with a scene in space. As you may have known this movie takes place in Japan. This is also a some racism, like the fact that he becomes "Japanese," meaning he looks like it, and he's a ninja. Yes, this movie has lots of ninjas and stuff. His gadgets were cool, including rocket firing rifles, sub-machine guns, and an awesome helicopter. This Bond gets points off for being the most racist and at parts almost putting me to sleep or was that the fact that I was tired from watching Thunderball too.

Action Facts:

He kills 21 people.
He makes out 5 times.
There were 90 bajillion explosions.
There was 1 Car chase.
There was 1 Donald Pleasence.

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