Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arrested Development: A Review

Hello there, and welcome to my review of Arrested Development. It might seem weird that I'm reviewing a TV show, but after watching all the episodes I think it really deserves a review. Let me start this off by saying, this is the greatest show on TV in a long time. This show never got bad or "jumped the shark" as some would say. Every episode was as good as the last. Consistency is a big thing when it comes to television. With a movie it's a 2 hour thing that can't really get bad in the middle...maybe it can, but not usually. With a TV show with 4 or 5 seasons it can get bad really easily. Arrested Development is similar to the more current show The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret in the way that it is funny to watch all the characters make crappy decisions that often lead them into bad situations. Arrested Development also has a quite wide range of characters– Michael who is the competent one, G.O.B who is a magician, Tobias who is a "Analrapist" (Analyst and Therapist who wants to be an actor but can't be fully naked (never-nude), Lindsay who is hopping on any trend that will make her seem cool, Lucille who is a rich, somewhat evil person, George-Michael who is Michael's son and runs the family banana stand, Maeby who is a 14 year old film exec and George who is a rich housing tycoon imprisoned for embezzlement. Overall this show is one of the best TV shows ever. To bad it got switched to Cable mid-run...

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