Thursday, May 31, 2012


Comedy. As you might have noticed I don't have a picture up there because it is hard to find one thing that defines comedy as a whole. In this post I'll be talking about some of my favorite comedians. For one, some comedians who rely on one thing too much isn't a good sign. For example,  a comedian who relies completely on vulgar statements isn't very good. I prefer comedy that has thought put into it and is clever. A few examples of this are Demetri Martin, Monty Python and the english double act Mitchell and Webb.  Comedy that pokes fun of just plain stupid things is also good, but controversial. Nowadays comedy writers that write TV shows aren't willing to make jokes on subjects they think they'll get a lot of hate for. Movie writers do the same. When you can escape the confines of what other people think you can make something that other people will like. It seems odd but true.

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