Friday, June 24, 2011

For Your Eyes Only: A Review

Hello, this is a review of For Your Eyes Only. It was definitely better than Moonraker. A Greek with the ATAC, a british device gets blown up by a bomb launched by a Greek heroin smuggler. It is bonds job to find the smuggler and retrieve the ATAC. The smuggler does get killed, by another Greek smuggler of cashews who throws a knife at him. Bond gets a hold of the ATAC but throws it into the water… This movie reminded me a little of From Russia With Love with the whole” Bond has to get  a hold of a certain item." Overall I give this one 8.6.

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  1. I haven't seen this film in ages, makes me want to check it out again. A belated happy birthday to you. Your blog rules, been checking it out since your first set it up. Also, the 'Hardcore Rules' film probably has to be the best thing online right now. (Oh yeah, your dad rules, too!)