Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paranormal Activity: A Review

Hello there, today I'm reviewing Paranormal Activity. This movie is the first movie that scared me...a lot! This movie as you might see from the picture won the "Scariest Movie" prize at the screamfest. It basically is this couple, Katie and Micah in there house with a videocamera trying to find evidence that this "demon" is haunting Katie. During the night mysterious things happen like doors moving by themselves, footprints, foot step sounds, banging, swinging chandeliers, lights going on and off, mysterious pictures, bedsheets moving, and weird periods of katie just standing there for 2 hours straight. It was very realistic. I think this movie would count as a mockumentary. I thought it was real.

P.S. If you want to scare somebody... find somebody you live with and tell them ghosts are haunting our house. Then when the person isn't looking tie 4-5 strings to the door in your house in the room the other person is in. Then pull the strings. Depending on where you are it will either slam the door or pull it open.
P.P.S. Check out the poll: What is your favorite Iron Maiden Album.

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  1. That sounds scary so I don't think I'll watch it, but I'll recommend it to Esteban. Btw, I think you should review the Omen and Poltergeist. Those are two movies that I believe have shaped who I am today (and the Shining, but you already reviewed that and I can't believe you didn't find it that scary).