Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Nightmare on Elm Street: a Review.

Hello there, I'm Reviewing A Nightmare on Elm Street. This is the one from 1984 not the remake. This movie was actually a little scarier than the shining. It still didn't scare me though. Freddy Krougar is pretty bad-ass though. I liked the whole he can only kill in your sleep, but it really happens. The multiple times when Freddy Krougar is chasing somebody in there dream and then it shows a shot of them squirming in bed. Then cuts magically appear. There are some pretty awesome special effects as well. Scary-Scale: 4.1.

P.S: I didn't have nightmares...
NOTE: If you live with someone else in your house or multiple, ( even better), that are familiar with this movie this is a funny trick. Grab a pair of big scissors or fabric scissors and cut four little holes in a shirt that you don't need anymore. Put the shirt on and in the places were your skin is exposed and put fake blood in the holes, if it drips don't worry that's more realistic. Also if you don't have fake blood just lying around you can buy it here:
Also if you want to do it the fun way here is a link to a recipe for fake blood:

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